Neil Murison 1930- 2018. Our Past President

Neil Murison has been President of Clevedon Art Club for over 30 years and has given constant encouragement, especially with the Summer Open Exhibition, held locally each August. His help and enthusiasm for the Club has seen it grow and gain stature in the region. We are very proud to call Neil Murison “Our President”. 

Profile : Neil Murison was a student at the West of England College of Art. He taught at Queen Elizabeth's Hospital and the Blue Coat School in Bristol and then became a lecturer at the West of England College of Art retiring in 1987 as Head of Foundation Studies at Bower Ashton which was then part of Bristol Polytechnic. He has been a full Member of the Royal West of England Academy of Art since 1979 and was Director of The New Gallery at The Academy from 2003-09. He was made an Honorary Member in 2000.

Neil classifies himself as a "visual sensualist". In describing the influences upon his work he states: 'My work is strongly based in nature. I keep sketchbooks and take endless photographs on my travels and am never short of source material’. Over the years the sunlight and colour of the tropics and a long standing love affair with palm trees has been a prominent feature in his work. Also the rain forest has become a recurring theme, and is responsible for a series of paintings