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Tim Wilmott , Water Colourist

Hello.  I am Tim Wilmot, based in Bristol UK and I'm a semi-professional watercolour artist.  I say semi-professional, in that I do have a full time job unrelated to painting, which does take up a fair bit of time as you can imagine!

So I've painted on and off all my life, and I would say almost exclusively in watercolour.  I love watercolour.   Most people say it's the most difficult painting medium to use - after all if you make a mistake, that's it.  Do the same in oils, and you can paint over it.  So it's the challenge I think with watercolour to pull a painting off, but also it's about some of the unique things you can do with watercolour that is difficult or impossible with say oils - e.g. try and do what they call 'wet in wet' in oils!  I also love the spontaneity of  watercolour and the speed at which you can work, often being able to complete a painting in under 2 hours.  Also the freshness you can get with watercolour, the attempt to make one brush stroke work just right and it communicates exactly what I want.

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