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Richard Turner- Seascapes in Watercolour and Pastel

Richard Turner- Seascapes in Watercolour and Pastel

Clevedon School Sixth Form Centre

The emphases of the Workshop will be to exploit the qualities of WATER COLOUR in preparation for PASTEL to be applied afterwards. This approach combines the less predictable effects of a liquid medium with the control of chalk pastel. The aim will be to set VALUE masses with an approximation of the chosen COLOUR theme, with the liquid medium. This flexible starting point will dictate how the image develops. This approach can also be used with washed in pastel, gouache, ink, or thin acrylic washes.

I will supply Uart sandpaper at cost price as this surface is idea for this process and readily available, it also takes watercolour well. 

Richard is a self- taught artist, influenced by reading and visiting exhibitions. His natural style is as a tonal painter with a preference for experimentation which suits his way of thinking. Richard is a regular exhibitor at the Mall Galleries and the Pastel Society.


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