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Jenny Danby - Still Life in a Day

  • Art Department of Clevedon School Valley Rd Clevedon, England, BS21 6AH United Kingdom (map)

A brilliant opportunity to work with a most inspiring artist and learn her approach to painting with an emphasis on colour, space, and tonal relationships.

She says 'my intention is to establish a harmonious balance between these three components. Sometimes this comes easily – other times it has to be fought for. This challenge is what interests me about painting. The paintings are deliberately uncluttered allowing the objects space to breathe.

People have referred to a ‘directness’ in my work and I’m pleased with that observation; removing or omitting the unnecessary is very much part of the process, scraping away the nonsense, leaving the essential.

I am drawn to the functional aspect of kitchen utensils – they are designed for a particular purpose; I like the shapes they make as much as the idea that they are here to do a job for us. I have tried and failed to paint flowers (too pretty!) but I find vegetables fit very well into my paintings, - functional rather than decorative, but beautiful nonetheless'.

Be prepared for a most interesting day.