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Andrew Lansley, Home and Away- Antarctica Residency

ANDREW LANSLEY, Chairman. Bath Society of Artists

Home and Away-including his Antarctica Residency

 Focusing on the here and now is generally regarded as a good thing. Art that is happening now is interesting, stimulating and can occupy and satisfy our whole attention. In growing up, I was always interested in music that was happening now and tended to disregard anything that had become mainstream or popular. However, in art especially, it has taken me about half a century to realise that context is everything. Without knowledge of time and place, what has happened before or elsewhere, or how the future might take shape, it is difficult to know the value of one's work. This is underlined for me by the fact that whatever else you try to control or dictate about your work, the one thing you have absolutely no control over if the time and place you are born in. This makes awareness of the context in which you are working absolutely imperative. To be unaware is to be blind, to some degree or other.

Then the question is, how far do you set your net?

In this talk I will try to address this question and related issues referring back to prehistoric man and possible futures as outlined by writers such as Nick Bostrum and Max Tegman..


The Antarctica Residency Spring 2019 has been awarded by The Friends of The Scott Polar Research Institute.