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Ruth Ander- Experimenting with Monoprint

Ruth Ander- Water, light and vapour are the three elements that inspire her work.

Ruth’s technique is perfectly suited to expressing these inspirations-delicate, translucent drifts of colour on fine tissue paper and traditional hand-made Japanese paper. .“I think light and weather are so fundamental to us as human beings that they’re bound to affect us,” she comments. “Certain landscapes in certain lights have an impact, and I don’t think I’m alone here, or I hope not anyway. Especially living on a wind and rain swept island, where the weather changes so dramatically and often.  It does seem to be a Northern European thing to use the weather as a way to express feelings.”

“For me it’s an emotional kick,” Ruth says of the urge to begin a new work of art. “Landscape, nature and the sea feed my emotions and inner life, and when the light and weather conspire to create those beautiful effects I just feel I have to express that somehow. I’m lucky that I’ve found a technique whereby I’m able to express that feeling well – though it took a long time to get there! I can create very thin layers of paint that can be equivalents to light and vapour, so now if a view inspires me, I find I will start deconstructing it into how I can convey it.

Recently Ruth has had the chance to use the print facilities at Bower Ashton, as a Scholar on the first UWE/SpikePrintStudio Scholarship Programme in 2017/2018. This is awarded to experienced members of the Spike Print Studio and allows them to work at UWE’s excellent Print Department for a year. “This has been really exciting for me and allowed me to make etchings and screen prints mixed with my mono-prints to make, if not editions, multiples and variations on a theme.”