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Richard Kay, Art Historian. Trick or Treat- Fakes & Forgeries


Director, Picture Department


 Trick or Treat? Fakes and Forgeries in the Art Market`

 The talk looks at 500 years of fakes and forgeries in the field of Fine Art. Some of the examples to be shown are elaborate works by infamous forgers, others are more commonplace attempts produced by inexpert amateurs hoping to fool an unsuspecting collector in a saleroom or an antique shop. There will be an assessment of methods used and some warning signs to help avoid anyone making a similar mistake. Fakes imitating artists as varied as Botticelli, Kandinsky, Louis Wain and Turner will be covered.


 “Three pictures purporting to be by J M W Turner, Sir Joshua Reynolds and a 16th Century German artist - but are any of them quite what they seem?”  Gives a flavour of what the talk will address