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Hashim Akib- Figures in a Scene

Hashim Akib- Demonstrating Figures in a Scene

Hashim is an Artist and Teacher who has worked as an Illustrator in the UK for over 15 years. With a client list that is very long and varied, he has gained valuable experience developing a backbone of drawing, conceptual ideas and various painting techniques.

As a child he was always drawing, painting or making clay models, whilst watching, reading and experiencing many creative processes.

As an Acrylic artist Hashim is inspired by street and marine scenes, trees and people with a strong accent on sunlight. Generally working from photos, there is very little preliminary drawing as Hashim likes to get straight in using vibrant colours and lively brush strokes to keep the energy of the image going, often working on 3 or 4 paintings at a time.

Hashim has generally become more drawn to abstract images, exploring colour and spontaneous brush marks, and being less reliant on detail. Always enjoying the processes and discovering new artistic and creative horizons.

Throughout his career Hashim has won many awards, produced books, carried out live demonstrations, and contributed articles to many art publications. His work is shown in several galleries in the UK, and he has taught his unique techniques to art schools in the UK, Italy and France.

This will be an evening not to be missed.