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Sophie Ploeg- Textiles in Pastel, a demonstration

Sophie Ploeg- Painter/tutor/writer

‘Searching for a bit of beauty in our world. Breaking down the mysteries of painting’

In my paintings I aim to connect dots; the dots of history, fashion, art and contemporary life. By seeking connections I hope to construct a meaningful layer to my and our lives. By incorporating pieces of history, referring to the art from the past, and using props such as antique lace, art can show the bigger picture.

I am an artist specializing in portraiture and drapery in oils and pastels. I love depicting textiles such as lace and velvet as well as creating evocative portraits. I share the beauty in life, arts, crafts and history in my painting by depicting historic objects, faces and textiles. My work has been exhibited at many shows such as The BP Portrait awards, The Pastel Society, and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Collections are found over Europe and the USA.

I also teach, speak, and write about art and art history, much of which can be found on my blog.

Ploeg pastelsketches-6-1024x733[1].jpg