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Ruth Ander- Experimenting with Monoprint

Ruth Ander- Water, light and vapour are the three elements that inspire her work.

Ruth’s technique is perfectly suited to expressing these inspirations-delicate, translucent drifts of colour on fine tissue paper and traditional hand-made Japanese paper. .“I think light and weather are so fundamental to us as human beings that they’re bound to affect us,” she comments. “Certain landscapes in certain lights have an impact, and I don’t think I’m alone here, or I hope not anyway. Especially living on a wind and rain swept island, where the weather changes so dramatically and often.  It does seem to be a Northern European thing to use the weather as a way to express feelings.”

“For me it’s an emotional kick,” Ruth says of the urge to begin a new work of art. “Landscape, nature and the sea feed my emotions and inner life, and when the light and weather conspire to create those beautiful effects I just feel I have to express that somehow. I’m lucky that I’ve found a technique whereby I’m able to express that feeling well – though it took a long time to get there! I can create very thin layers of paint that can be equivalents to light and vapour, so now if a view inspires me, I find I will start deconstructing it into how I can convey it.

Recently Ruth has had the chance to use the print facilities at Bower Ashton, as a Scholar on the first UWE/SpikePrintStudio Scholarship Programme in 2017/2018. This is awarded to experienced members of the Spike Print Studio and allows them to work at UWE’s excellent Print Department for a year. “This has been really exciting for me and allowed me to make etchings and screen prints mixed with my mono-prints to make, if not editions, multiples and variations on a theme.”

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Pete Brown- "There's Nothing between my ears!"

Pete Brown NEAC aka’ Pete The Street’

How I came to do what I do now and what drives me.

Peter first came to Bath in 1986 to study an art foundation course. He went on to graduate from Manchester Polytechnic, returning to the city in 1993. Inspired by the architecture and life of the town, he has become a familiar figure painting the city’s streets and it was here he earned the nick name ‘Pete the Street’. He paints a great deal across the UK – its cities, landscapes and coastline and in particular London.  However discovering new places has become more and more important and his painting has taken him further afield to India, Vietnam, Havana, USA and across Europe. 

 Peter prefers to work directly from the subject on site in sometimes the foulest of weathers. He works in charcoal, oil paint and pastel for which he has received numerous awards at various national exhibitions.

In 2018, he was elected President of the New English Art Club. He is a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Royal institute of Oil Painters, the Pastel Society, Bath Society of Artists and an honorary member of the Royal Society of British Artists. He paints for one-man exhibitions each year either in London or Bath and has been showing with Messum’s, London since 2004.

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Sophie Ploeg- Textiles in Pastel, a demonstration

Sophie Ploeg- Painter/tutor/writer

‘Searching for a bit of beauty in our world. Breaking down the mysteries of painting’

In my paintings I aim to connect dots; the dots of history, fashion, art and contemporary life. By seeking connections I hope to construct a meaningful layer to my and our lives. By incorporating pieces of history, referring to the art from the past, and using props such as antique lace, art can show the bigger picture.

I am an artist specializing in portraiture and drapery in oils and pastels. I love depicting textiles such as lace and velvet as well as creating evocative portraits. I share the beauty in life, arts, crafts and history in my painting by depicting historic objects, faces and textiles. My work has been exhibited at many shows such as The BP Portrait awards, The Pastel Society, and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Collections are found over Europe and the USA.

I also teach, speak, and write about art and art history, much of which can be found on my blog.

Ploeg pastelsketches-6-1024x733[1].jpg
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Andrew James- A demonstration of Oil Portraits in Five Stages


A wonderfully passionate artist, Andrew James has been painting for over 25 years, capturing incredible likeness and energy of his subjects, through his sumptuously rigorous and painterly approach.

Based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Andrew James is a highly sought after Artist, who has worked on many prestigious commissions of public figures. Winner of the Carroll Foundation Award in 1998 and of BBC’s Star Portraits with Rolf Harris, Andrew was elected Vice–President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 2008 and a member of the New English Art Club in 2017.

Self- taught, without mentor and unrestrained by outside influences, Andrews closeness and empathy for scenes and sitters clearly comes across in his many every day and down to earth subjects.

“He has absorbed a broad painterly aesthetic, displaying a thirst to draw inspiration from often disparate subjects”.  Paul James testimonial.

James image.jpg
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Alan McGowan- Expressive Life Painting

Alan will be talking about how his work has developed over the years and its relationship to life drawing.

Based in Scotland, Alan is a respected painter of portraits and life studies. His paintings have featured at many exhibitions of contemporary art including the Scottish Portrait Awards 2017, the BP portrait exhibition at the National Gallery 2015 and he was a semi-finalist in the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year in 2014

Alan McGowan was born in 1964 in Glasgow and studied for his degree at Edinburgh College of Art. Working always from life, his paintings explore the tension between the inherent elusiveness of the world and our attempts to hold on to it. Seeing language itself as a vehicle for these attempts the language of paint – colour, tone, runniness, translucency, opacity, line etc become a second subject in tandem with the model, a parallel terrain. 

Alan also teaches figure drawing, painting and anatomy for artists and has taught at the Royal Academy in London, The National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art, and many other establishments. In 2012 he published a book of drawings “The Language of the Body” and In 2017 he published "Unstill Life.

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Huw Richard-Evans, Landscape and Seascape Artist

Huw Richard-Evans, My Work and a Demonstration

Born in Pembrokeshire, Huw moved to Bristol in 1980 where he studied fine art before embarking on a career in landscape painting and fashion. He initially built up a reputation as a fashion designer; working with a range of clients including the Celtic Manor Resort, The Shard and Eastern Airways. After lecturing in both Art and Fashion Design, Huw now focuses his talents on his great passion – painting. His career as a painter is now flourishing, with both national and international collectors appreciating his work. Now based in the South West, Huw is represented by galleries in Pembrokeshire, Cardiff and Bristol. His commissions include the RNLI, Bristol University and ITV’s Broadchurch.

Often textural and with a spiritual quality, Huw’s paintings contain drama, passion and energy. For Huw, the painting process is one of great personal joy. “I often start, not knowing where the creative journey will lead me. For me, my emotional response to the piece I am creating takes me on a sometimes unplanned path. Taking risks with a touch of paint and a flick of the brush leads me into exciting unknown territories.”

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Hashim Akib- Figures in a Scene

Hashim Akib- Demonstrating Figures in a Scene

Hashim is an Artist and Teacher who has worked as an Illustrator in the UK for over 15 years. With a client list that is very long and varied, he has gained valuable experience developing a backbone of drawing, conceptual ideas and various painting techniques.

As a child he was always drawing, painting or making clay models, whilst watching, reading and experiencing many creative processes.

As an Acrylic artist Hashim is inspired by street and marine scenes, trees and people with a strong accent on sunlight. Generally working from photos, there is very little preliminary drawing as Hashim likes to get straight in using vibrant colours and lively brush strokes to keep the energy of the image going, often working on 3 or 4 paintings at a time.

Hashim has generally become more drawn to abstract images, exploring colour and spontaneous brush marks, and being less reliant on detail. Always enjoying the processes and discovering new artistic and creative horizons.

Throughout his career Hashim has won many awards, produced books, carried out live demonstrations, and contributed articles to many art publications. His work is shown in several galleries in the UK, and he has taught his unique techniques to art schools in the UK, Italy and France.

This will be an evening not to be missed.

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