Opportunity for CAC members to display and sell art work

The Fox Hall Clinic is the new venue for a multi-disciplinary health team on Old Street in Clevedon (opposite the fire station) with parking at the rear at 9A Teignmouth Road BS216DI. They have kindly offered the extensive corridor walls for hanging CAC members’ art works. They will feature the works in their website and blog when they’re up and running.

They will process payments for the artists in the event of a sale (at no commission). Insurance will be for the artists to arrange. There are no restrictions on size, media or themes (but no rude bits please). They’d like to rotate the art works every 3-4 months starting in July when they expect to have hanging rails installed.

Artists are welcome to visit and view the hanging spaces and to discuss arrangements which need to be agreed between the artists and the Clinic. 

Contact should be via Becky or Leanne on:01275877359 or thefoxhallclinic@gmail.com