Aleksander Nocny Exhibition at the LT Gallery

Imaginarium of the Open Mind" by Aleksander Nocny

Thursday 7th - Tuesday 26th September 2017
Drinks Event Friday 8th September 4 - 8 pm
Aleks with be painting live in the gallery on Saturday 16th September 10am - 4pm

You may have seen Aleks' paintings, murals, signs, photographs and sculptures in various venues, publications and events in Weston including the Sand Sculpture festival, a local school, the Hazy Days Music and Arts Festival and most recently the Birnbeck Spray Jam. He works as a tattoo artist but has also been painting on canvas for an exhibition of acrylic works at LT Gallery.

He says, 
"This exhibition brings together a collection of my dreams transferred onto canvas by brush and paint. I write in my diary what I remember of my dreams every morning and sketch them so that I will remember them.
Visitors to the gallery will be able to see how colourful, fascinating and different dreams are. You can be in world full of fantasy, magic creatures and incredible places; and you probably are during every night’s sleeps, but the magic trick is to remember those dreams in the morning and share what you saw with the others. Some of the paintings are from my trips into deep meditation and Out Of Body Experience.
I didn't finish art school. I've never been to art classes. Everything I do and know is just my experience and long hours of pain and creation." 

There will also be some of his fantastical mixed media sculptures in his show.

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