Trevor Waugh Evening

Once again we were treated to a fabulous demonstration by Trevor - this time a portrait in oils 'alla prima'. In the absence of any other volunteers, yours truly found herself in the spotlight so I had a very unusual view of the proceedings. My imagination was working overtime as Trevor unleashed his special brand of magic on canvas. I might not have seen the painting unfold but I could follow the brilliance of every brushstroke as I watched the enraptured audience reactions. Suddenly a key brushstroke would be created and I saw the audience gasp in wonder.

When the time came for me to see the final portrait it was my turn to enjoy a beautiful painting... I am talking about the techniques, skills and above all the incredible talent of our artist, not the model you understand. I will forgive the comments about grey and orange hair, twisted nose and dominant glasses. After all I was in the hands of a master at work. And the best part - I got to take this beautiful painting home to enjoy for the rest of my days. Thank you, Trevor. 

Trevor's wife Darlas is also a fabulously talented artist in her own right. You are invited to their beautiful church home to see her exhibition. It will be a real treat and we'd encourage you all to try and go along

Julie Mainstone