Martin Bentham Landscape Painting Workshop

A great day hosted by our fabulous artist vice president started with Martin explaining what he uses and how he has adapted his equipment set up for painting outdoors (which is his main passion). Guy ropes to anchor his easel and little tips for stopping your canvas turn into a kite - all essential for the endeavours of a painter in our wonderful british climate! Martin explained how important it is to 'be yourself' when painting. 

Rather than dictate any techniques he was keen for us to follow our instincts and also to use whatever medium we felt we wanted to. He encouraged us to experiment to find out what style suits us as our own artist. He was on hand to answer questions, give guidance and feedback. He even found some time to do a little painting in his own style. It was interesting watching his technique which comes from his love of the texture of the thick creamy paint. A great day and some great results from all who enjoyed it. 

Thanks Martin.

Julie Mainstone