Momma said there will be days like this - The Jonathan Camp 'Art in the 1950s' evening.

What an eventful start there was to the evening. I have so many people to thank in helping us finally get our meeting underway I don't know where to start! It was certainly a saga.

First and foremost I have to thank Jonathan Camp our excellent speaker for the evening who remained calm, patient and seemed totally unfazed by our technical difficulties.

Then I need to thank John Rostron who answered my plea for help so graciously. Despite needing to be at another meeting, he came to the school early to help connect up Jonathan's computer to the projection unit. Only to find unfortunately we didn't have the right lead. 

Plan B.we'll use the school computer! But it was locked and we didn't know the password. Enter the 3rd and 4th characters to thank. Gary the school caretaker and his IT colleague who tried their hardest to get it up and running. Finally, we had some communication between the computer and projector. But to our dismay, the picture was flickering and of very poor quality. We were running out of options!

In desperation we had to throw ourselves on the mercy of our Chairman Sue's poor son, just about to eat his meal he did a mercy dash round to Sue's to find the club computer and our very own Steve Jenkins met him there and brought it back to us. Thanks to both of them, finally we had a working connection. Phew! 

I read the club notices out as slowly as possible and even threatened to break into a song and dance routine to entertain the audience.  I promise you if it had come to that I'd have cleared the entire room in seconds. Luckily there was only time for one ad lib comment ...
'to err is human, but to really foul things up takes a computer!' 
before we broke into the earliest coffee break we've ever had. So a big vote of thanks to Shirley, Margaret and Jenny for leaping into their refreshment duties early without complaint. 

I'd finally like to thank you the members who waited patiently and in very good grace whilst we got everything sorted. 

And we would all agree the wait was very well worth it!  Jonathan was an interesting, lively and very knowledgeable speaker. He concentrated on 2 paintings from the 1950s and the Abstract Expressionism of that era. The first was Autumn Rythm (no 30) by Jackson Pollock in 1950. And the second was by Mark Rothco The Seagram Murals painted in 1957.

Jonathan put the paintings into the context of the times in which they were painted to help us to understand where each artist got their inspiration from. All in all a very entertaining evening. Thank you, Jon 

Jonathan also holds regular discussion sessions at Murrays in Hill Road.

Thanks again for a great evening Jonathan and also to the many stars without whom we wouldn't have got off the starting blocks!  

Julie Mainstone