A Day with our President - Neil Murison

This was the second of two Studio Days at Neil's home and garden. Neil’s garden is a little piece of ‘Heaven’, so we were extremely lucky to enjoy a day of tranquillity in such amazing surroundings.

The day started with a very welcome cup of coffee and then off we went into the lake grounds and pitched ourselves in our chosen spot. For many of us, this was a new experience, drawing and painting 'en plein air’.

By lunchtime, we had all achieved something for the afternoon ’chat’. But before that, lunch was calling at the Pub opposite - yes, Neil definitely lives in a little piece of Heaven! Feeling replete, we reassembled back in the Studio kitchen, to look at our achievements from the morning session.

The scenery was very challenging as it was '50 shades of green'!! We were amazed at the variety of different colours some of us chose to describe light and shade. Reds, purples, pinks and blues, all expressed the variety of colours in this very green scene. After much discussion and another cup of coffee, we all followed Neil into his Studio for a demonstration of a simple mono printing method.

What fun, it was a ‘Blue Peter’ moment and we were all keen to have a go. Neil’s use of colour and shape in his paintings lend themselves to this printing method and gave us all an idea of looking for a starting point for similar scenes.

The afternoon then became a choice between more painting by the lake or mingling in the two Galleries packed with 'Neil Murison' original paintings. The day culminated with tea and biscuits in the shade of a cluster of trees back at the studio and feeling very satisfied with our days efforts, we all said farewell and made our way home.

Thank you Neil for a great day - we are so very lucky to have you as our President.

Sue Bryant