Chasing the Light - An Evening of Watercolour Magic with Trevor Waugh.

As Trevor introduced himself to a packed room of enthusiastic art club members and visitors we all began to realise we were in for a real treat. Trevor was witty and entertaining as well as generous in sharing his knowledge and watercolour expertise. He inspired us all by his love for the great city of Venice and the evening was full of stories and anecdotes.

He shared one of his special Venice journals with us and kindly allowed us to dip into it’s pages full of fabulous watercolour paintings, quick sketches and observations from grand views at all times of the day and night to casual day to day life and the incredible architecture. And then he was off putting down a broad blended wash across the whole of his large Fabriano paper. Not stopping sharing with us the tips and techniques he was using or entertaining us with more amusing tales from his travels.

Once his initial wash was dry, without a single pencil line he went straight in with his paintbrush concentrating on painting the shadows of the buildings ‘start at a point which is an unequal distance from all 4 edges of the paper’ he told us. As he dropped new colours into the shadows he was painting, the structure began to emerge before our eyes.

All too soon it was coffee time and a chance to have a closer look into that fabulous journal. But there was no stopping Trevor. He continued to answer questions and then delighted those lucky people who bought one of his 30 minute series books by offering to autograph them in true Trevor style...with his paintbrush and a personal watercolour quick sketch inside the cover.

And then we were back to the developing painting of Venice layering another transparent wash of beautiful colour over the base wash to create a simplified unfussy interpretation of the scene he had bought on his iPad. A few more flicks of his paintbrush and the scene was furnished with Gondolas, boats and various other details which make Venice so instantly recognisable. A few ‘busy’ brush-strokes on the foreground water brought a greater sense of depth and our Watercolour Demonstration was at an end. But Trevor was determined not to disappoint the queue waiting for their special Trevor ‘autographs’ and continued painting whilst the room was packed up around him. Thank you Trevor for a fascinating evening – an insight into your lovely fresh and uncluttered approach to a truly inspiring scene.

Julie Mainstone

Trevor's fabulous website here