Help needed for Windows on Art - The Clevedon Tides Festival



Windows on Art

For the Clevedon Tides Festival 2016                                                 

Is there someone, or maybe two or three working together, from the Clevedon Art Club, who would be interested in organising Windows on Art this year? This is where local ‘high street businesses’ display the work of artists from the August Bank Holiday through to and during the weekend of Clevedon Tides Festival 23-25 Sept. As well as raising the art profile of the town, this project also boosts the footfall of participating businesses and promotes the coming Tides Festival. It is another opportunity to show your work: several Art Club members have taken part over the last couple of years. If you are not an artist but would like to help do this, it is a very worthwhile project and a chance for you to be part of an ever-growing annual event.

The project framework is set up in that she has details of pairings of artists & businesses from the previous two years with all necessary contact details, Terms & Conditions, forms, posters etc .  Somebody new taking this on would, of course, be free to develop it as they wish, in discussion with the Tides Festival Team.

Stephanie is very happy to meet up with those interested to discuss this further and pass on my experience and information.

Stephanie Fitch - Clevedon Tides Festival Art Co-ordinator

Contact Details:

 Tel. 01275 219171   Mob. 07776 402670