Club Painting Day at Clevedon Pill Saturday June 20th 2015

A few brave souls gathered to brave the elements at Salthouse Fields Car Park. Determined not to be put off by the weather forecast optimistically we strode off to Clevedon Pill in search of artistic inspiration. And we found it.

Painting 'en plein air' was never meant to be easy, so in gale force winds we battled on, suffering in silence (well ok with a few moans about being blown off our feet!) for our Art. The water that was in, went out with alarming haste and the boats that were bobbing around so daintily when we started sunk without trace so a bit of artistic license was called for too! We managed to last til 1pm when the real hardy souls adjourned for some refreshment overlooking Clevedon Bay at The Salthouse hostelry.

The temperature suddenly turned tropical as we sat on the sheltered side of the headland and shared our stories of the mornings artistic endeavours...the Yorkie who relieved himself on an artists bag, the shameless Kit Kat advertising, how Eric wouldn't share his flask of steaming hot coffee! Then it was off again for the gluttons for punishment to return to the scene in search of more painting subjects.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day - our thanks and a pat on the back to Bea for organising it. Look forward to a few more.