Still Life in a Day with Jenny Danby

Many of us would have already read Julia's excellent write-up on Facebook about this most enjoyable and informative workshop. For those who didn't attend just read the following from Steve Crossley to confirm what a great day you missed.

There was no preamble, we were pitched straight in - Two still life's were set up and we were invited to paint either one or do a 'mix 'n' match', taking elements from each to make up our own individual composition.

Jenny suggested we do a preliminary sketch in our sketchbooks to 'map out' our composition before starting on our paintings. Most of us chose to paint in either oils or acrylics. Jenny showed us some examples of her own work and various other artists.

She explained there were no rights or wrongs as to how we wanted our still life to look and not to worry about any preconceived ideas, but to develop in the way we wished. Although at one point she suggested we asked our neighbour to comment on what we were doing and what they thought of it!!

She said to use whatever ideas we had as there was "no point in having ideas unless we were prepared to try them out", and that we have to consider carefully every mark we made.

I must say the results were very impressive. As is so often the case, the variety of styles which were employed was amazing as our discussion over each paintings at the end of the day showed, with each artist talking to us about their own work.

I think we all had a really enjoyable but exhausting day