Ros Cuthbert - 'Colour into Abstraction' Workshop.

The subject of Abstract Art is always a bit tricky. Ros led us in by explaining how she approached the subject and showing us a range of paintings in books by various artists, some more 'abstract' than others.

She had set up some still life's around the room and invited us to use these as a basis for our work if we wanted, or because the art room has a whole range of objects as possible subjects scattered around, we could use any of these in our work. We could use any medium we wished, including the use of collage.

Some of us chose to go into the other room where there was more light. If we so wished, we could just conjure something up out of our imagination. Ros explained that sometimes she has no idea of what she is going to create, but just makes a start and 'see what happens'. Some of tried with varying degrees of success!

After lunch it all went very quiet - I would like to think that everyone was really applying themselves to their work.

All in all a very enjoyable day and as usual, very varied work produced by all who took part, and trying things that we maybe hadn't tried before.

Have a look at some more of Ros's amazing work at her website here.

Steve Crossley