Creating a Gallery Page - First Hand Experience

Tina Gordon has recently created a new gallery of her paintings and volunteered to share her experiences and advice.

To all Clevedon Art Club Members: 

The club has a new website which includes a Gallery for members to display their work. We are hoping to attract loads more members to contribute to the galleries pages, and I would like to give a bit of encouragement to those of you who feel they do not have the technical confidence or skill to become involved.

Not only is it good for the soul to see your work displayed, but it is such a good advert for our club, and the more variety of members work to appear on the website should attract more interest in joining our club.

New membership is so important, it keeps the club vital and alive. You are part of a strong, vibrant club and we want to share this and your art with the world.

Click on the ʻMembers Galleriesʼ page and have a look at what is already there. Click on the underlined ʻImage Upload Pageʼ, this is the business end of the Galleries page.

Adrian Joyner, our web manager has made this as straightforward as possible, and, although it may appear daunting on first reading, if you follow it through it will happen. Your images will go straight through to Adrian who will put them on the website in your very own Galleries section. If the images are not quite right, don'y worry Adrian will work with them and you to make sure your gallery is presented well.

 I will try and break the journey down even more: 

·       Take photos of your work: 

  • ·       Make sure paintings/drawings are level with your camera lens and standing as vertical as possible. 
  • ·       Give yourself room for cropping the photo, so take the picture with a little bit of room around the edge to allow for this. 
  • ·       Take the photo in good light, natural light is best if possible, the colours will be more true
  • ·       Photos taken through glass will show surrounding reflections unless you are very careful. 
  • ·       Remember to save your photos when you have taken them. Load the photo files onto your computer. Children and grandchildren are the best people to ask if you are unsure of how to do this.
  • ·       Photos need to be saved as jpgʼs and RGBʼs – your camera/phone/tablet should do this automatically.
  • ·       Save them with a recognisable title.
  • ·       I initially save my images to the desktop on my computer so I can easily find them when I need to upload them to another place i.e. the club website. 
  • ·        Your photos need to be a reasonable size: 1500 pixels on the longest side is good. It does not matter how large the photo is as it will be resized before publication.  Don’t reduce the file size as though you were sending it by email.
  • ·        I always make myself a file and call it ʻCAC websiteʼ or whatever is relevant, and save the corresponding correctly sized and saved photos in it. 

·       Image Upload Page:

 ·       Fill in the: Name and email sections. Double check your email to make sure it is correct or we will not be able to contact you.

  • ·       Description: Give information about yourself – how long you have been a member, what mediums you love to work in, what inspires you, how long you have been painting/drawing/ working in 3D, what you like about the club etc. 
  • ·       Go to ʻChoose Images for Uploading to Websiteʼ box, click on this and go to where your photos are saved on the computer/tablet. Click on the 1st photo, the website page will tell you when this is uploaded. Repeat this procedure until all your chosen photos are uploaded. 
  • ·       Click on ʻUpload Nowʼ box. This will send your photos through to Adrian who will do the rest. He will email you when your Gallery section is completed. After you have done this once you will realize that it really is quite easy.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice. Adrian’s email is: or you can email on the Contact page on the website. Please do not think your work is not worthy, photos of artwork condense the image in a complementary way.

Be brave you really will enjoy seeing your work displayed on the club website. I look forward to seeing it there. 

Tina Gordon